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Tomasz Rudowicz

I deliver SEO consulting for B2B, SaaS and software house businesses.

I am helping increasing organic traffic and analyzing data on your website.

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My Story

For years, I've been working with marketing teams

Tomasz Rudowicz - SEO Expert
University student

I have finished studies at Wrocław Univesity of Science and Technology with best possible grades. I was studying daily, but during my studies I was already working in marketing departments.

I know no one cares about studies anymore, but my dad asked me to praise it.

Woodpecker employee

At woodpecker, I have spent almost all of this time in the marketing team, nearly 4 years as a Lead Web Developer, as well as performing the duties of Growth Marketing Specialist.

It was here that I learned and tested out SEO strategies, as well as website analytics.

SEO consultant

I started to use my SEO knowledge beyond my full-time job at Woodpecker. I was gaining more clients and more experience.

I was creating websites for companies from scratch, and then getting them well measured, ranked in Google and optimized for conversion.

From then until now, I have worked with more than 60 companies from different regions of the world, whom I have helped in the area of SEO and web analytics.

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Why me?

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SEO expert

I am working with my clients on their SEO strategies for years, I have a rich experience. A drop in project traffic is normal, but it is important to know what the reason is.

Tech guy

I was a web developer for several years, so I have a great technical background. I can talk to your developers in one language and sometimes even send them ready-made code.

Friend of content

Content Is King. I agree with this thesis, which is why I love working with content creators, doing GAP analysis for them and together choosing caloric topics to produce.

Multi-tool user

Over the years of working with various projects, I have gained insight into many tools such as: GA4, GSC, GTM, Semrush, aHrefs, ScreamingFrog, SEO Surfer, HotJar, VWO, and much more.

Analytics dude

Fortunately, my dad was right - technical studies were useful. I love data and I know how to work with them. I create custom dashboards in GA4 and marketing funnels, to achieve success together.

Good fellow

Indeed, it is not modest. But I love teamwork, and I feel that the teams I work with likes to work with me. I would be more than happy to become a member of your gang.

Happy customer

"Tomasz Rudowicz is our trusted SEO consultant. He became part of the marketing team and an advisor that we can rely on. His expertise is impressive. His work showed results after few weeks already. Our website gained organic traffic and our content strategy shows more variety. We know that together with Tomek we can accomplish growth and our company will be more visible online."

Anna Paula Marie Cederholm
Head of Marketing |
Happy customer

"Tomasz Rudowicz was a member of the marketing team at Woodpecker for almost 8 years. As Lead Web Developer, he was responsible for all our marketing services. He is a very competent and fair specialist, as well as a good mate and a cool guy. I highly recommend working with Tom!"

Matt Tarczyński
Happy customer

"I've trusted Tomasz Rudowicz many years ago with Knacks brand. He helped us with our website's SEO and increased our conversion rate. Tomasz is a member of our marketing team and I can't imagine it without him. He is really solid, upfront professional, I definitely recommend him!"

Dawid Szymański
Happy customer

"Tomasz supports me with six of my projects. He not only helps grow the services, but also actively assists in taking the direction of business development and in finding new opportunities. I definitely recommend him!"

Rafał Zaorski
TJS, BigShortBets, 2Z Capital, EpickiFlip, Cebullion, BSB Audit
Happy customer

"Tomasz is an SEO consultant for projects I am leading. He works with marketing teams and actively implements with them the strategies they create together earlier. I like his commitment to the team, his willingness to work and his transparency in action."

Michał Pawelec
CEO | ThorIT
Step by step

How it works?

Weekly meetings

On a specified date every week we will meet for 1 hour to discuss current projects, results, data and tasks to do


Between weekly meetings I prepare reports, GAP analyses, ideas and data to work on and other tasks that are currently requested

Analytics care

I configure and take care of analytic tools, add needed dashboards, setup custom events and create reports

Making changes

Part of the modifications I make by myself, including technical ones, so in certain cases I can make changes without your developer

In touch

I join slack and keep in touch with the marketing team, available to ask me questions or make extra call appointments


This is not just a consultation.
I physically implement tasks, take care of analytics and stay available for the team.

Consulting price
I do not hide my prices, I am fully transparent.
No more contact us for pricing.
Fixed price

USD $1499/month

1h Weekly meetings
Consulting for the team
Analytics care
Tasks implementation
Cancel anytime
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Consulting price
I do not hide my prices, I am fully transparent.
No more contact us for pricing.
Start From

USD $1199/month

1h Weekly meetings
Consulting for the team
Analytics care
Tasks implementation
1 Year agreement
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My happy clients


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